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On the network cable UTP FTP STP SFTP difference 00

Currently on the market to five (cat5) UTP (cat5e) six (cat6) based, which also includes unshielded (UTP), single-shielded (FTP & STP), and double-shielded (SFTP)

(1) Unshielded Twisted Paired: unshielded twisted-pair UTP, is currently the most widely used cabling system for less bandwidth in the 250MHz, no special performance requirements of network applications, its overall performance advantage is a good, cheap, construction and maintenance more convenient. Six cabling system has reached the limit of performance unshielded twisted pair.

(2) Foil Twisted-Pair: foil shielded twisted-pair FTP, the larger the bandwidth, anti-jamming performance, with the characteristics of low smoke zero halogen. In contrast, shielded cable prices than non-shielded cable and installation costs are higher, cable bending slightly worse. Six lines and multi-shielding system before using this form.

(3) Shielded Twisted-Pair: Independent shielded twisted-pair STP, each pair of lines has a foil shield, four pairs of wire together, there is a common metal braided shield, which is the standard structure of the seven categories of line . It is suitable for high-speed network applications, providing highly secure transmission, to support future new applications, help to harmonize the application of current network routing platform that enables e-mail to multimedia video from a variety of information, can be in the same set of high-speed system transmission.

(4) Double shielded twisted pair (SFTP), based on the increase in the aluminum foil layer of braid. Commonly used for aluminum and magnesium wire cloth, also useful for tin or tin-plated copper wire, with a high degree of interference and transmission security, Professional wiring for the project.